LUXE Welcomes Realtor Justin A. Rojas


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We are pleased to announce the addition of Justin A. Rojas to the LUXE Properties Team. Justin is excited to bring a fresh perspective to South Florida’s real estate industry.

Justin A. Rojas has been in this industry for a while. Growing up, his mother was a realtor and as a single parent, she would take him along while helping her clients. He was basically shadowing her growing up and fell in love with this career.

Justin went to college for Architecture and knew he loved something about homes. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the best path but he decided to get his real estate license. Justin grew up in South Florida and is very persistent when it comes to helping his clients. He is reliable all day and all night. He is constantly learning and expanding his knowledge to provide the best service for his clients.

Excited to join the LUXE team, Justin feels he has the support system to ensure promptness through every process.

If interested in learning more about the LUXE Properties Team, call us at 305-809-7650 or email us at