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We are pleased to announce the addition of Robert J. Diaz to the LUXE Properties Team. Robert is excited to bring a fresh perspective to South Florida’s real estate industry.
Robert Diaz, the founder of Miami Diaz Real Estate Asesor, has further ventured into real estate by joining LUXE Properties as a sales associate. With almost 30 years of experience in travel and hospitality, it is his instinct to put the needs of clients before his own. He does so by focusing and creating the best possible experience.

Growing up in Miami where he continues to live with his family, he raised his children and has extensive knowledge of the area. He believes a home is more than a just a physical structure; it’s the emotional center for a family or individual, a place of peace where people can be themselves.

As a real estate advisor, Robert will be the first line of defense providing comfort to the stressful process of home buying. He understands that finding the right home comes with many challenges that can become overwhelming for most. A home plays a key role in living your best life. Robert deems your home has a tremendous effect on your future, well being, and impacts almost everything that touches your life. This includes the education that your children can experience, the people you socialize with, and the ease of having loved ones visit. Visit his website to find out more!

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